Bi-metal Wear Parts

Bi-Metal Wear Parts

Mining Wear Parts Tuff Blocks are a combination of high chrome white iron that is bonded to a mild steel backing plate. The white iron working surface has a hardness of  700 Brinell (nom.) that provides the ultimate abrasion resistance for your machinery. The mild steel is easily weldable with limited preparation and acts as a support for the white iron, assisting with impact and abrasion in the most extreme applications.

Areas of use include Loader buckets, on GET on the buckets, Vibrating screens, Crusher Spider caps, Crusher Spider Arms, the Top Shell, the Bottom Shell, Jaw Crusher Swing Stocks to name a few places.

We have products as follows.

• Wear Buttons
• Wear Donuts
• Boomerangs
• Chocky Bars
• Wafer Strips
• Rock Box Liners
• Wear Bars
• Wear Plates
• Shredder/Grinder Tips
• Skid bars
• Knife Edges
• Shaped Wear bars
• Shaped Wear bars
• Grizzly Bars
• Micro-Ledge