Our engineering teams have the latest equipment and technical ability to scan, reverse engineer, predict life and propose liner improvements to support customers chosen outcomes. Whether it be extended life, improved throughout or product shape, MWP can achieve desired outcomes using their expertise, experience, date provided by customers to ensure the final product meets expectations.

Plant Evaluation & Trouble Shooting

MWP can provide an obligation free plant performance assessment to achieve production targets or material specifications. Through the use of industry known plant simulation software Aggflo, MWP can provide plant simulation and flow analysis packages used to optimise complete crushing circuits. Other services MWP offer include;

• RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
• PMO (Preventative Maintenance Optimisation).
• Project re-engineering
• Operator and maintenance training
• Design feasibility studies





Wear Part Optimisation

At MWP, we work with customers to understand and improve known industry issues such as premature failure, too much wear, or inaccurate measurements that aren’t maximizing throughput or the product shape as desired. Our team understand the costs associated with downtime and provide solutions to reduce unexpected occurrences that interrupt production plans. Our experienced team and proven product can achieve between 20% - 100% life improvement, without changing the grade of manganese.

Crusher Optimisation

Our proprietary crusher wear simulation software is used to develop and modify crushing cavities to satisfy specific customer targets. Using our own internal simulation software allows our engineers to tailor designs to individual customer requirements, such as:

• Preventative and corrective maintenance
• Optimised tonnage rate
• Optimised crushed product size
• Decreased power draw
• Improved power utilisation
• Decreased recirculating load
• Extended and consistent mean time to repair (MTTR)
• Improved uptime
• Lowest overall cost of ownership

Depending on customer requirements, liner profiles can be changed to improve wear life, reduce power draw or increase tonnage.



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