Reverse Engineering - Creating Innovation

Mining Wear Parts has more than 25 Years of experience with all brands of crushers and every type of machine, so if you need parts made and you dont have the required engineering, we will re-engineer the parts you need to exacting specifications so they can be reproduced. 

We can also provide design improvements and life improvements as a result of engineering a part to have the drawing.

Send the parts to us or we’ll come to you and with little fuss it'll be done. Professional and and a high degree of efficiency we'll create the necessary engineering to supply you products that will fit and work just as you expect!

Mining Wear Parts is your high tech and experienced Mining Services Solutions provider!


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Wear Part Optimisation

Most operators have wear parts that aren’t wearing out to their full potential, or they may not be giving you the best throughput or product shape?

Mining Wear Parts has for 25 years been redesigning liners to make them perform in each application, to make sure you squeeze the most life out of the liners and the ensure the best throughput and product shape possible.

We really enjoy this part of the business. Its technical and very rewarding when you see an operator get between 20% and 100% life improvement often without changing the grade of manganese they have been using. Liners must be working efficiently otherwise you'll be losing money.

If you want to save money by improving the wear design or characteristics of your wear parts, let us come and show you what we can do. Call Mining Wear Parts today!!